Shipmaster's Correspondence

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Some General Points for Consideration
Notes on Grammar
Ordenly Arrangement of Words
Some Spelling Rules
Placing ihe Comma
Capital Letters
Parting of Words at Ends of Lines
Layout of a Business Letter
Examples of Letters

This book is written for students in the master's class and is intended to provide some guidance in the art of writing letters and to assist them in overcoming the difficulties which they will meet when at some future time they are called upon to write letters in English in connection with the ship's business. The book is in English because at this stage of studies for nautical examinations the language should present no great obstacle and also because learning to formulate English tetters in English is believed to help the student to write English in English.
Now, although the book deals with a certain kind of correspondence namely that on the ship's business, the student should not at once think that some special or difficult style must be learnt, for letters concerning the ship's business or other commercial letters for that matter merely differ from ordinary correspondence by their brevity and conciseness of form together with the use of certain technical and business-like terms and expressions. Hence it is first and foremost a question of sufficient knowledge of the language and in the second place of ability to present the letter in due form.
The background of this book is partly a great number of tetters which reveal the difficulties encountered by persons dealing with ships' correspondence in English and partly some standard manuals on the subject of tetter writing. The notes on spelling and grammar have been written on the basis of these letters and careful study should help the student to avoid die more common stumbling blocks.

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