Operating & Maintenance Manual for Daihatsu Diesel Engine

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Diesel Engine model: PS-26. 

§ 1. General PS-26 DAIHATSU.
§ 2. Construction of main parts PS-26 DAIHATSU.
§ 3. Fuel oil, lubricating oil and cooling water. 
§ 4. Operation and daily inspection. 
§ 5. Maintenance. 

General Description of Engine
The Daihatsu PS—26 Type Diesel Engine takes pride in its excellent performance and enduring characteristics, as special emphasis has been placed in its simple and sturdy construction, easy operation, compact size, light weight and high output.
Since this engine is designed in accordance with various standards and Rules and Regulations (NK, AB, LR-), many of this type of engine have been supplied to the world market, as marine propulsion engines, auxiliary engines and stationary engines. With a proper combination of the mass-production system and quality-control system employed at Daihatsu plant, all component parts are available with full interchangeability and complete stocks at all times.
At the flywheel side of the crankshaft end the out put end is provided. The opposite side to the flywheel is refered to as the front side of engine where all the operation apparatus and gauges are arranged. The progress of the cylinder numbers starts from this side, too, being termed No.l No.2 No.3, etc.
The PS-26 Type Diesel Engine is available with the turbocharger or with.turbocharger and intercooler for 6 and 8 cylindered models, and has such a wide scope of flexibility that it can be constructed in a variety of assemblies to meet various requirement such as installation of the remote and automatic control devices.

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