Planking Model Ships

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The time has come to plank, your ship model hull.
You have the bulkheads correctly set up on the keel and faired down so that the planks will lie flat against them. And there on your bench is all that beautiful hardwood just waiting for assembly into the fine curves of your ship. Where do you go from there?
You have a choice dictated by the amount of detail you wish to build into your model. Clearly the more detailed the model, the more work it represents.
Some experienced modelers are so passionately committed to impeccable precision, they make parts that cannot be seen by the human eye. Other diehards model every timber in a real ship's framing-many hundreds of finely finished pieces-only to cover up all this work with planking, hiding it from view forever. The satisfaction, for them, comes from having done it, rather than having their workmanship seen.
The majority of modelers, however, consider detail beyond the threshold of human perception as not worth the effort. They build models to be seen and appreciated as works of art, and not to prove that it is possible to engrave the Declaration of Independence on the head of a pin.
This booklet describes two approaches to the job of planking. One is more simple and less detailed; the other is more complex in that it conforms with actual full scale shipbuilding practice. It is up to you to decide how far you want to go between the extremes.

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