Ship modelling. Hints and tips

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At a time when there is a marked upsurge of interest in the construction of ship models of all types, it is a pleasure to introduce this new edition of 'Ship Modelling Hints and Tips.'
Lt. Cdr J H Craine, R.N.R. (Ret'd) — 'Jason' - was known to modelmakers all over the world. For a period of more than thirty years he fostered and sustained a lasting interest in ship modelling through his writings in various magazines, by his assistance in the formation of ship model societies and lectures to them, and by an active participation, either as organiser or judge, at exhibitions of ship models.
These activities brought him into contact with a wide range of modelmakers, and if they benefited from his experience and advice, then he in turn amassed a very considerable knowledge of models and the people who made them, and of the many pitfalls awaiting the unwary.

Preface v
I The fascination of Modelling Ships.
II There are so many from which to choose.
III The Ship of your choice.
IV Different kinds & types of Models.
V Various methods of making the hull.
VI Woods and other materials.
VII Making the different ropes.
VIII What the early guns looked like.
IX The Story of Anchors.
X How to make gratings.
XI Helpful hints on earlier davits.
XII Portholes, Gunports, scuttles etc.
XIII Early flags and house flags.
XIV Flags on your model.
XV Painting and finishing your model.
XVI Miniatures andPrisoner-of-War Models.
XVII Setting your model in a Sea.
XVIII Cases for your models.
XIX Dandy funk - Odds and Ends.
XX Club Membership.

St. Michael 1669.
Grecian Galley (or Athenian Galley).
Gloria Brittannia or the Royal Prince.
Midship section of H.M.S. Rodney, 1823.
Admiralty pattern anchor.
SjS. Great Western, 1837.
H.M.S. Prince, 1670.
R.M.S. Caronia.
Prisoner-of-War model (French), 1802-4.

1 H.M.S. Warspite Three stages.
2 Diagram showing lines of a ship.
3 Laminated hull construction.
4 Details of built-up model construction.
5 Details of ropes.
6 A rope-spinning jenny.
7 Early English guns.
8 Warspite, 1569.
9 Gun from the Mary Rose, 1509.
10 Trunnion gun, with cheeked carriage.
11 Prehistoric and Roman anchors.
12 Later anchors.
13 Studded anchor chain.
14 Attachment of cable to anchors.
15 Gratings with a simple jig.
16 Hatchways, sailing and steamships.
17 Davits (old type).
18 Davits (quadrantol arm type).
19 Davits (telescopic screw type).
20 Davits (gravity type).
21 Gunports, various types.
22 Early flags.
23 The Union flag and House flag.
24 The position of flags on various types of ship.
25 Dipstick for testing consistency of paints.
26 Wave formation.
27 A group of seas.
28 Diagram of broken water around a moving ship.
29 Sketches showing sail carried under various conditions.
30 Transport case.
31 Old-time blocks.
32 Modern blocks.
33 Mast-tops and deadeyes.
34 Capstans.
35 Wheel and binnacle.
36 A simple jig for making ladders.
37 Method of modifying the scale.

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